Domain Flipping explained

Domain flipping is easier than you think.
In this article i will guide you through flipping your first domain.

Let’s start by saying you will not make an extreme amount of money right away.
Domain flipping is perfect for making extra cash and, maybe, some more.

What you need is a good domain name, which usually means:

  • Less than 15 charachters
  • Name including talkative keywords
An account with a domain registrar (here some...):
  • GoDaddy.com
  • NameCheap.com
  • BlueHost.com
A sell platform (here some...):
  • Flippa.com
  • Sedo.com
  • NamePros.com
An estimate of the domain value from:
  • Estibot.com
  • Godaddy.com
Keeping in mind that estimates are just... estimates.

And, at last, some additional info regarding fees etc:
Selling platforms usually have fees in order to list your domain. They can vary from 15$ to over 60$. Flippa, for example, has a 65$ fee, but it is one of the most used platform by sellers and buyers so... you should get your money worth.
On top of those fees, some platforms take a percentage from the sale. So, please always consider that.
Another important thing to consider is the ICANN new 60 days transfer lock. This means that whenever you register, or transfer, the domain with a registrar you cannot transfer it to another registrar for the first 60 days.
You can however transfer ownership withing the same registrar. For ex. if the domain is registered with GoDaddy, you can sell it and transfer it to a seller with a GoDaddy account.
Make sure you specify the 60 days period above when selling the domain before the 60 days are over.

So how can you start?

I still remember my first domain: protectyourlaptop.com I bought the domain for 69$, sold it for 250$ on Flippa.com. Considering the 65$ fee and the 20$ on top of it, i made 96$. And easy as that... profit!

Buy today one of my carefully selected domains.
Transfer it over to your registrar of choice and resell it instantly for profit.

Buy and transfer a domain

When you complete the purchase of a domain on DomDropped.com you will receive an unlock code.
Your registrar will require the EPP code to get the domain in your name. Pay a small fee (usually 8$) and complete the domain tranfer onto your registrar of choice.
In minutes the domain will be in your possession and you can either flip it or keep it an use it for your business/needs.


As i mentioned earlier there are plenty of ways/platforms to sell your domain.
The one i prefer the most is Flippa.
At this point you already have a good domain name with keywords/geo and you know how much is really worth (use the estimators i mentioned before). All you have to do is pick the starting price and the reserve.
Reserve means the minimum price you are willing to sell your domain for. If the reserve is not met, usually the domain will not be sold, even if there has been offers.

Choose your price carefully

If a domain is worth 450$, do not list it for 1000$. It will never sell.

Choose your method of payment and that is it. Once your listing is sold you will need to obtain an unlock code from your registrar and send it to the buyer. (if the buyer is within the same registrar you can just transfer ownership).
Once the transaction is complete, you will get paid.


Start making extra cash now by buying one of my carefully selected domain and signing up for my daily free newsletter.

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